Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Closer Walk!

   Mahalia Jackson sang "A closer walk with Thee"and was listen to on a regular[every Sunday]. Only as a mature Christian, was it revealed that the application of our Faith in Christ Jesus, is through our Walk - which is our Worship. Our Walk/Work/Worship is what we should be about 24/7.
  After Repenting, and the revelation that the Kingdom of Heaven is inside[brain, soul, spirit] of us, we must get to Work. What Christ did was quite impressive: however He said greater Works shall you do. We should be doing exactly, what Christ did.
  When Peter realized that it was Christ Walking on water, he ask permission to join Christ. Anywhere on the earth that Christ is Walking/Working/Worshipping, we have permission to join Him.
  "Oh, for a closer Walk with Thee": Get to stepping. The clock is ticking on time, and it is winding down. The "Harvest is plentiful, but the Workers are few". There is enough work to go around for the willing. Christ never required us to look to our neighbor and ask them anything[R. U. saved?].
  Closer to Christ?  Feed His sheep! That is spiritual as well as physical food. They thirst for water and Truth. The economically challenged are not the only poor: people are morally bankrupt and don't know where to turn. Immanuel Walked among us - we too should come out of our comfy-zones and Walk among the people.

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  1. Christ is the Judge that will separate the Sheep from the goats. What has been done for the least, has been done unto[for] Christ. Stop looking East, and start looking at baby-murder-mills that have made merchandise of the innocent. Christ is certainly Not walking with the wicked; and neither should we.