Thursday, May 1, 2014

Current Events!

  A popular song back in the day, was "Choice of Colors" by the Impressions. This relevant today because of self hatred. "Money can't buy you Love". Learning to love yourself is important. We should all sit up and pay attention to the system that rises up-and is counter to the Word, and the U.S.C..
  Who can give permission to worship Idols, murder, and covet someone else's property? The world-system that is controlled by Satan, and run by his Children; the Tares. During crisis or emergencies, people must use extra-caution concerning their speech: Life and death are in the power of the tongue. They that love "it", shall eat the fruit their of.
  In a free society, people can be whatsoever they choose; good or bad. The La-Clipper's owner had many friends for 30 years; then one day the friends turned on him-with the intent of firing him as owner, and taking his property away. Many Christian Principles are violated here.
  "Not evil foe evil[[1Peter3:9]." What system allows hate to punish another, so much so that covetousness is justified? = a wicked system. Granting God-speed will garner the same punishment.
  The world will eventually eat it's own. Current Events? Yes; there is nothing new under the sun!

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  1. The deception that we are warned of in Matt.24 is in full effect. Those claiming to be leaders are Fakes. Those claiming to be Christians are beating the war drums, and calling for private property, to be taken-to be given to another. No man can serve TWO masters... Luke warm during these times, won't cut it.