Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Do it!

  The Nike commercial said "Just Do It", but their was some gain, and no punishment involved, for not, doing it. That is Not the case with God's elect; actually they do not have a choice in the matter.
  During these times, people should recognize the season, and follow the instructions given by Christ. We are "witnesses", and to required to assist others.
  "Take heed that no man deceive you". Collectively this was a warning, of prophecy: individually, it is a Commandment for the elections. There are not demons behind every bush, but this is the fig-tree-generation. The Tares are in control of the world - for the moment.
  The Fake-leaders are positioned for all to see. Their are just as many blowing smoke that claim to be representing GOD as their are involved in Centralized-Government. Our Command "not to be deceived" will not be in jeopardy or jeopardized.
  Micah 6:8 Do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy GOD. Do it!


  1. People all over the globe - stay focused on what is important. Idol worship is not an option. The game is getting late, but is an endurance race until the 7th Trump sounds, stay in the race.

  2. First/Last. From the First in the First-Heaven-Age, many are on the earth, right now. Your ticket has already been punched. The focus is on the wicked ones on the earth today, that are getting a second chance to choose Christ as their LORD, and SAVIOR. There is NOT, another plan of salvation.