Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Eat, Drink, and be Merry".

  Just what allows this doctrine - 17.500000000000$. Under Cain's economic, political, education, and religious system the wickedness is financed with debt; and that is just in America. This system goes back to the Garden: where there was No apples, or apple-trees.
  Gen.2:16 Eat = devour, consume; this food goes directly to the spirit and soul. The death is inside of the brain, that is cut off from Christ. This death is to die, prematurely, from immoral or disobedience. Gen.3:5 Eyes open = mental and spiritual faculties. "Ye shall be as gods": allowing the individual to determine good and evil, and what is worship, happiness and wealth...
  "Eat Drink, and be Merry" often appeals to our five senses. Is.22:13 states "for tomorrow we shall die"- this one is physical. To finance the flesh, Idolatry is required! Dan.11:14. The "exalted one" is Satan, working through His Children - the Tares.
  Followers of Christ should not be a part of this system of Idol worship: with their end-game being Dan.11:36, or Rev.13. The exaltation = to lift, arise, to be high, to elevate, dignity, on high, has been Lucifer/Satan's objective going back to the First-Heaven-Age.
  Eat, Drink, and be Merry is for the world[chaos], that have no hope, after physical death. Without Salvation via our LORD and Savior, we too could satisfy the flesh: but it is only temporary. Just in the days of Noah. We are getting close!


  1. Gen.3:5 to "know" is the foundation of the "knowledge" of Dan.12:4. The Word, and Constitutions are kicked to the curb, and replaced by Social Justice. Man now determines "rights". The uninformed, are unknowingly worshipping the System.

  2. Chronic diarrhea ? Stop EATING the world[chaos].
    Turn away from the babysitting state-media, and organized Religion, that are both teaching the "traditions of men". Prosperity begins in the mind.

  3. Chronic constipation? This generation takes more legal drugs, than the gen. of the 60s used illegally. Listen to the commercials; look at the drug isles in the stores. Eating a steady diet of the world - is eating this generation, from the inside, out! "REPENT ". Then enter the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth.