Monday, May 5, 2014

Hate !

  Hate is the opposite of love. It is a spirit that when left unchecked, can get out of control-even to murder. The first case of Hate took place in the First-Heaven-Age: Satan was to be guarding the Mercy-Seat, but instead, desired the Seat for himself.
  The second case involved Satan's son - Cain. Cain and his offering was rejected by our LORD: instead of stepping up, he became extremely ticked off, then murdered his brother Able. Murder, including self murder, is a spirit.
  The Ten Commandments mentions "Love". Lev.19:17 we're not to hate. Apart of GOD's definition in Deut. 19:11 for murder, is hate. Extreme anger must be dealt with, lest it grows and manifest itself in a wicked way.
  No man or spirit can authorize us to hate another human being. If we are to dislike intensely, or passionately, it should be EVIL[Prov.8:13]. Followers of our LORD should love when He says love, and hate, what He hates[Prov.6:16-19].
  The purpose of this Second-Earth-age is for mankind to be proven-just like liquor. We are required to choose our Father - LORD[YHVH] or Satan. Matt.6:24 Serving Two masters is impossible. Crisis and emergencies happen; we are being tested.


  1. The world[chaos] systems have taught people to hate. George Benson's hit song in 1976? "the greatest love of all" is learning to love yourself. Money will not do it - just look at O. Winfrey. When people are pressured, they quickly revert to a victim of something. Our LORD never intended for us to be chronic victims, in bondage.

  2. Christ is, and has the ANSWER! Blind leaders - Entertainers, Politicians, etc. are headed into a ditch that is on fire; they are not to be our baby-sitters. The world-system hates the Truth. The long drawn out hate, destruction, is a form of self-murder. The times have presented a clear line in the sand, as to which side are we on.