Saturday, May 31, 2014

Law of Faith !

  The only portion of GOD's law that has been fulfilled is the law of Death; which was satisfied by Christ - on the Cross. All other laws are very much in place.
  Too many teach, that we are no longer under the law: this is actually a confession that they are out of control, and a warning. They have allowed the world to determine what is important - or not. Matt.5:17 is a mouthful.
  The Creator of heaven, earth, and mankind would have us believe in and on HIM. Our faith is a requirement. Without faith, it is impossible to please GOD. Our belief is a requirement of Salvation: Christ is, Who He says that He is.
  "If thou can believe, all things are possible". Believing and faith has good things and Eternity waiting for them. A good thing is the Kingdom of Heaven, here on earth, right now. Faith and Believe are interchangeable.
  We are under the law of Faith/Believe[Rom.3:27-31]. "This is the work of GOD, that ye Believe on Him WHOM He has sent"[Jn.6:29]. Believer's authority[Mk.16:17] and fruit that is evidence of a full time Believer: Part-time [warm] Christians need not apply.

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