Friday, May 23, 2014


  Miss-Education begin in the Garden, with the conversation between Satan and Eve. It has the objective of twisting the Truth just slightly. Dr. Carter G. Woodson, the creator of Black History Week [1wk.] stated the education system was designed to destroy or indoctrinate.
  Education is one of the four hidden dynasties, along with Politics, Economics, and Religion. Education is to produce good citizens - of the state. The "key" to the little kings, or kingdoms, is deception.
  Is it possible to converse for 5 minutes, without talking about what is on T.V. or Radio? People converse from the heart-what is in, will come out. That is proof that the Miss-Education is working.
  This Earth-Age is for us to choose our Father[s]. El-Satan employs Miss-Education to "sift" people, just as He requested Simon-Peter[Luke22:31]. Sift = to wave, or wavering, swing, shake, to swing to and fro. The Prophet Elijah [1Kings18:21] required the people to make a choice.
  In the Garden, Satan taught that GOD was holding out on Adam and Eve-they could have all/everything. Instead of making a choice, choose all, or both. What Satan does not Educate people on; His authority is limited, and time sensitive. The clock is ticking on time.


  1. The Miss-Education that keeps giving: "you shall be as gods". The Bible is obsolete. Global warming can be paid into stopping. The government is our friend. The American Dream is Godly. There is a plan "B" for Salvation. Etc.

  2. The wicked say, tell a lie long, and often enough, it will become true. Mankind continues to be baby-sat by Miss-Educators in many leadership positions. Double-mindedness is unacceptable in the Kingdom-of Heaven-on earth. Christ states that warm is spit out of His mouth.

  3. "Can't touch this" with an arrow pointing to Satan, and His children the Tares. This touch is to consume or allow it into our brains: this is how to avoid becoming a victim. Fall short? Repentance, is standing by.