Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Serfdom 1 !

  The Willy Lynch Letter explains the indoctrination process to make generations of slaves, without cutting off feet and hanging the runaways. Lincoln Reconstruction plan was to break the slave-states, and make all of America - Serfs. The "Union", is the Federal government!
  Serf = enslaved laborer: a laborer legally bound to and obliged to serve a lord. The fine line of the wicked is to convince people that they have a voice, and a vote; when actually they don't. There is Not a "free market" without "free money". There is No free market money.
  The Reconstruction plan calls for controlling the states-which is a serious violation of the U.S.C. and that begin with the undeclared war by Lincoln. His assault resulted in the deaths of over 600,000 Americans. Lincoln's 2.0 [Obama] are pleased with the Governments[Santa Clause] control over Education, Religion, and the Economy, and Healthcare. 
  Serfdom = a condition of bondage. This situation was a warning to us thousands[1Sam.8:5-19], complete with the results of "Rejecting our LORD"] of years ago. Choosing our on king resulted in  Serfdom. The Prophet Samuel[1Sam.12:17] said "your wickedness is great."
  The Tares[Matt.13:38] have convinced people that it is ok to monitor personal conversations and punish accordingly: our thoughts can cause big trouble. The Tares have reproduced the "House Negro-System" to control all.


  1. Inside Serfdom, there is but One Party = the Government's Party.
    There is but One Plantation = the Government's Plantation; period.
    The Answer = Christ.

  2. People can say that they are Christian[Matt.24:5], but their words and deeds, say that they believe that the Government - is the Answer.

    The Government is the Answer! Many, especially Pseudo-Christians[Matt.24:5] believe that this is true: it is actually Idolatry.