Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What Sect?

  This question is concerning Sports in America! The Tares[Matt.13:38 ] always find a way to make it to leadership, or control when it comes to worship, or money. The Four little Horns, or the Four little kings are political, economics, education, and religion. Sports fall into the classification of -  Religion.
  The leagues and networks are controlled by the same group that financed the slave-trade in America. The Temples are now the football fields and basketball courts[etc.] across the nation. People don't realize that  #1 of the Ten Commandments continues and is violated because the uninformed practice of idolatry.
  In America, teams fly an American flag, and sing the National Anthem - The Star Spangled Banner. The deception is that these leagues are Not following the laws of Moses, nor the U.S. Constitution: they have their own "bylaws" that are closer to Russia's or Cuba's than America.
  Lincoln and W.W. Wilson would be very proud to know that the Global-elites are controlling the Chaos. Sports channels have become tabloid-journalism. Freedom of speech, X. Private property, X. Objection to immorality, X.
  We must Repent for Idol-worship concerning the Religion of sports. It appears harmless and patriotic, but is deadly serious. We were admonished to learn the Parable of the Fig tree-this is their generation. Jeremiah explains the Two Bowls of Figs. We are to discern good and bad trees, by the Fruit that they bare.


  1. Put the music to this; what are 'you' going to do, when they come for 'your' property? Only Un-Christian Un-American rules would allow the most severe punishment, on the first violation! What sect[following their own tenets]? This is the doctrine of Cain in living color.

  2. Education, is the key - to Socialism; that is why the entertainers, athletes, and youth[etc.] don't mind, or out-right support Socialism. We are witnessing a manifestation of Progressive-Change. The Reconstructionist would be proud.

  3. N.B.A. Inc., modern share-cropping!