Saturday, May 17, 2014

Which Church ?

  In the Book of Revelation, there are Seven Churches; with Christ explaining what is taught, and their works. Individually we must discern which one of these Churches, is our Church. The Church of Smyrna[Rev.2:8] was chosen for me before the foundation of the earth was set.
  Some Pastors do not believe forgiveness for all. Some believe that people can purchase their salvation through tithing. Others, social justice is the key. The "traditions of men", can go on and on. The world is a witness to the Clippers owner's private matter, becoming public, and the total condemnation by those that are members of __ Church.
  The world that is starving for Truth, and the Word, is witnessing just the opposite-and concluding that they desire no parts of the __ Church. Gaining the world and losing our souls, is a waste. The world is already judged, and will be destroyed.
  The Church has no business taking orders from the world. The moment that the world walked into the front door, the Holy Spirit exited the building. Christ gave us Salvation, Grace, Truth; and taught us how to love one another: by what authority do we knowingly violate the Rules?
  The truth of the matter, churches and people are under Judgment, already. The Word spoken over 6,000 yrs. ago, that we receive exactly what we have coming to us-in this life. The Judge is fair. We are either in Christ-and living the Word, or not. Hot or cold; no in between.


  1. The first Beast of Rev.13 is a one-world-political-system. This system will collapse, in order to usher in the second Beast, which is a one-world-religion-system; that is led by Satan incarnate. Following Christ is not a religion-it is Life. If we are not in Christ, we are in serious trouble: evaluate our own FRUITS.

  2. Church building sitting on sinking sand. The results have already been predicted, yet ministries ignore the truth. " Revival " is Not a Christian principle: REPENTANCE is.