Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Captivity, Captive, Capture !

  "You shall know the Truth, and the Truth, shall make you free[*1]." Most, especially Religious folk, do not believe that they are in bondage. The Cross of Christ, satisfied the death sentence from the Garden: but that didn't stop Satan's children[Kenites/Tares] from their insatiable desire to have dominion of man.
  GOD gave mankind authority, and dominion over everything, except man. The Tares feel strongly that they must be in charge. During this Fig-tree Generation, they have become a "Slave-Uncle." Their main weapon - Deception: first they through Idolatry, Rebellion and need of  Power, have been Deceived. They have no clue, that they are in bondage[Jn.8:33].
  The stage was set back in 1860 where physical slavery ended, but National bondage begin. One has to know that most crisis, emergencies, and war, are man-made. From these come Executive Orders that transfer power from the Legislative Branch, to the Executive Branch.
  Executive Order 6102 "Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917" was fine during WW1, but not so much when used with the "Emergency Banking Act of 1933" to confiscate private property of Americans, under penalty of law. Gold was confiscated from citizen, and turned into the Federal Reserves.
  Citizen of America and other nations, are in bondage. Excessive taxes, and regulations = bondage. People were classed as Enemies of the state in 1933, and that classification has never been rescinded. The government is a Slave-Uncle. Captive = to take alive; to take, catch, capture. Bondage = slave, serve: to obey, submit to.


  1. Our LORD has always given choices in this earth-age: Two Trees in the Garden. Two Baskets if figs. Two Fathers, etc.. Where we are in 2014 was predicted thousands of years earlier. Ephes. 4:8 Christ led Captivity, Captive.

  2. Christ offered "freedom" to the descendants of Cain, but they claimed to have "never been in bondage to any man." Christ response: "Who ever commits sin, is a servant of sin." Whosoever that Christ[YHVH] sets free, is free, indeed!!!

  3. Man's "rejection of the LORD" brings immediate bondage[1Sam.8:5-19]. No man can serve Two masters - love 1, hate the other.
    Our choice, and right: Repent, then get into the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, right now.