Friday, June 13, 2014


  If something, or someone is near and dear to our hearts, it is very important, to be honest about it.
Mini-floods are being released by the Tares aimed at those that speak the Truth: or against those that are not eating the forbidden fruit.
  It is the will of our Lord, that all of mankind come to the realization of Christ. It is not His will, that any would be destroyed via lack of knowledge, or deception. What has taken place over the last 66 yrs. in the middle, of the Middle East is something to mourn over.
  The Temple system that was made of hands, is over. The first, built by Solomon, was destroyed. The second one by Cyrus was predominantly destroyed[70 AD]: but the destruction began with the vale, when Christ was on the Cross. He also stated to the woman by the well, that God was seeking those to "Worship in Spirit and in Truth".
  This is the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, today. We are the many mansion House. Matt.24:2 said not one stone would be left standing on another one: and we see people worshipping at the wall, minus the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, ...
  Luke 21:20 is an important marker of the future. Luke 21:24 begin in 1948 and is on-going: the time of the Gentiles, is right now. It is imperative the Followers know the "Key of David". Matt.24:2 is future-it is an implosion. Love your neighbor? Share the Truth!


  1. "But first the Gospel must be preached to all the world". It hasn't been. Christ died for whosoever-will. The Kingdom of Heaven, on earth is not being taught-especially by leaders that are Idol worshippers. Supporters of the Middle-East, must know the Truth, before they can preach it. Christ is the Only Answer.

  2. To not support a lie, doesn't mean anti-ethnicity. It is time to replace the race-card with Light. The clock, is ticking, on time: I pray in the name of Christ Jesus, that people of the Middle-East will be drawn into the Marvelous-Light. Repent; for the Kingdom of Heaven is right here, and now.