Saturday, June 7, 2014

JOB - the gist!

  What is the main point of JOB? He was "perfect, upright, and one that feared GOD."
Satan was responsible for Job's problems. His objective, was to make JOB curse GOD.
  The visitors that claimed to be friends[not], called him a hypocrite, self righteous, and said GOD was responsible for the trouble.
Job wasted too much time dwelling on his situation, with those that didn't have a clue.
  The LORD ask JOB[JOB38:2] who are these idiots[my interpretation]? "Gird up now thy loins like a man." GOD required Job to forgive[3 Dr. Phil's], and restored what Satan had destroyed.


  1. Our LORD has the highest testimony, period.
    Watch out for friends, and spouse, that are a mouth-piece for Satan.
    GOD doesn't curse His servants.
    Satan, is the problem.

  2. The 3 claiming to be friends and other visitors of Job, are all in the church: They pass gas through their mouths! A worth wile study: read carefully what these false-prophets said.