Monday, June 23, 2014

No Permission!

  Our Lord has given us much freedom, via the Truth. A few things are forbidden. We as followers must know the difference between good and evil. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil should be just as forbidden today, as it was 6,000 yrs. ago.
  "Just be you, just do you, it's your thing, it's my prerogative, etc." are just a few of the catch slogan from the Tree that once knew Good, but chose evil. His Children[Tares] carry on today with "rights".
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness, does not cover "rights".
  Ironically, the rights that Santa-Christ gives, He can also withhold from those that it arbitrarily decide have been naughty. Reward to those that line up for the Global Agenda. We have No Permission to partake of the Chaos that is being controlled by the Wicked Ones.
  We have No Permission to spread Deception, or Fear. We have No Permission to hate those that do not believe, or support what we do. We have No Permission to chase after Riches of this world; because it will be "scorched[Matt.13:6]."
  Christ mentions Labor Pains which means that trouble will intensify, as the time shortens. Many are offended and betraying one another. Iniquity is abounding. Because of the iniquity, the love of many shall wax[grow] cold.


  1. Iniquity is conducted by wicked leaders. They will continue to get worse, as time grow near - the Appointed Time! It is difficult to imagine something worse than the Global Administrations, around the world today - but they continue to grow, worse: with a good purpose in mind. GOD is in control.

  2. It is a shame that 6 1/2 days per week, that it is difficult to discern Followers of Christ.

  3. We have no permission to abort millions of babies, every yr.. We do not have permission to be involved in Idolatry, murder, or hating our neighbors - where ever we are. So, we must look at the god that says we can do the above; and quickly leave it alone!