Wednesday, June 25, 2014


  When shall these things be? "Take heed, lest no man deceive you. Many shall come in My name saying I am Christ; I am a Christian: and shall deceive many[Matt.24:3,4].
  What does this look like? The Fake ones were around, persecuted, and murdered Christ: have been around for 2,000 yrs., and have a following. They have a difficult time being Holly, and teach the "traditions of men" Vs. the Word of God.
  Christ taught Repentance, and the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth. The Fakes teach tithing as a way to buy one's self into heaven. Christ taught worshipping in Spirit and Truth, right now, from anywhere on the face of the earth. Fake-ones continue teaching of a rejected Temple/Church-house-system.
  The shift is under-way by the Fakes to convince people that it is righteous to worship other people, and the International-Redistribution of wealth-System is of our Lord. This System cares not who writes laws: they follow not the K.J. Bible, or Godly-Constitutions.
  The Fake-Christians have done much damage; but Truth will prevail, always. People are damaging the System by Truth Revelation. Know the Truth = Freedom. Not knowing the Truth = Bondage. This is a Reminder that Satan, Tares, and their Fake followers are on the move - stay awake.

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