Friday, June 27, 2014


  There are several Woes used in the King James Bible: this blog will focus on Christ and the concentration of  Woes. That points to Matt.23:13-39; where bi-focal count is  eight[8] Woes. Christ employment of Woe, is intended to "shock", and that is a part of its definition: unpleasantly shocked; a stern warning of caution, to stop, distress.
  Within these Scriptures, the words "this generation" is mention - the generation of the Fig Tree. The Light of Christ, lured the Fake-Ones out into the open, for those that have eyes to see. This same group is easily seen today.
  In 2014, Woe unto those that practice "Common Law". The entire legal system is based on deception. The government, central-bankers, and courts are playing by one Rule, that puts the uninformed in bondage[serfs/slaves].
  Christ taught the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth. Matt. 5:17, His Law is ongoing - all else is the Traditions of men. He taught us to steer clear of the Fake legal system[Matt.5:25], for it will take everything from you.
   Followers of Christ should not be shocked, but warned. We have been admonished to come out of Babylon, to come out from among the wicked, Woe unto them that call evil - good.

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  1. "Economic forecast, depends on the weather". Matt.16:1-3 is most relevant today!