Monday, July 21, 2014

Flys, Gnats, Vultures, oh my!

  In the Spirit, and in the natural, there are all sorts of bells and whistles going off: these are warnings for mankind to separate themselves from the world[chaos]. 2Cor.6:17 states very clearly to separate ourselves-the unclean? = Idols.
  James 4:4 Friends with the world[chaos], enmity with God. This enmity goes back to Gen.3, and only a fool would pretend that it doesn't exist. We must stop following the masses, because they are the "wide gate" that leads to destruction.
  Wide gate? This is lead by federal agencies which work for the king [1Sam.8:5-19]. Over the past 100 yrs. people have been given a choice to follow: the doctrine of W.E. B. Dubois-government is the answer. Versus Booker T. Washington, individuals, are the answer.
  Christ stated, Where the Vultures gather, that is where the bodies will be: these are real walking around bodies/people in this earth age, that have separated themselves from their Creator. They have been deceived. Half are active in Idolatry, the other half are awaiting a ride out-that will never come[Jn.17:5].
  People can be deceived, especially by Blind Leaders. Flys, Gnats, and Vultures, not so much. The animals and insects have senses just like humans, but do not rely so much on their sight. Their noses rarely fail them. Take a good look around-smell where we are standing.

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