Thursday, July 31, 2014

National Debt - $17,606,280,000,000 +

  The last six numbers of the National Debt clock changes so quickly, that it is impossible to write them down. The deficit spending is out of control. Borrowing from strangers , and accepting their junk products - are predictable results.
  People are worshipping a "stranger god" and doing his work, because of one reason. The Locust Army has been released to consume - everything. The Blind leaders have answers to problems that they have  created.
  Any household, or small business that borrows, just to pay the interest on loans, is not going to stay afloat for long. What about making fake money, to purchase real assets? Debt is bondage. Our debt, should be to love our fellow man.
  People around the globe are realizing that Idolatry is too expensive. A Beast of Rev. 13 is suffering and can not be repaired by mortals. The National Debt clock shows a wicked number, but it also represents time: the clock is ticking.
  Why borrow? It is the method of choice. Financing One-world of bondage is expensive. It is the price and requirement of "Rejecting" our Lord. The "House of Bondage" can easily set up anywhere that the presence of our Lord is not. 17.6 Trillion witnesses-that something is seriously unrighteous.

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