Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The American Revolutionary War, 1775 -

  The War of Independence began in 1775 - and continues today. The War, and The Declaration of Independence is alive, and continues. It began as a military rebellion against Great Briton over TAXES imposed; which were deemed illegal. America, won the Battle!
  Only the Battle? The War fought for excessive taxes continues on today. Some of the same players involved in 1775, are involved with excessive taxes today. It continues to involve the Monopoly Men, and their Collection Agency, the International, Redistribution, of Wealth.
  The cause for the rebellion was just, but a total waste of time, if Christ is left out. A rejection of Christ is wicked, and the details of the consequences are covered in 1Sam.8:5-20: Socialism, is too expensive. Excessive, or Double-taxes = bad judgment.
  Politicians, Economist, Education, and Religion is complicit with Socialism. The easiest way to win a war, is from the inside; and that what the above leaders are-on the inside. They are the "blind leaders" and have rejected our Lord: that opens the door for the Traditions of Men, that voids out the Truth.
  Deut. 28:43 The stranger[Tares] that is within, shall get up, above thee, very high, and thou shalt come down, very low. The deception, and Idol Worship is concerning currency/taxes. This part of the rebellion can be won through Repentance; then entering into the Kingdom, of Heaven, on earth. Freedom, or Bondage - it is totally up to Us.

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