Wednesday, August 6, 2014


  Our Great Commandment - We are to love our Lord God, with all of our mind, soul, and strength. The second Great Commandment - is to love our neighbor, as ourselves. In the Ten Commandments, it teaches and requires honor, and love. We are to owe no man anything, but our love; it is our duty, and obligation.
  Hate is an extreme dislike for someone. It is traced back to Cain, who's rebellious genes from his father, overtook him: he rebelled against true-worship, then later murdered his brother Able. Hence the doctrine of Cain, - control or destroy.
  We as followers of Christ Jesus, are taught to love Righteous, and hate evil. The Righteous points to God; the evil points to the evil - One. But via deception, the evil One, and his Children, have redirected the hate, and have convinced people who to hate.
  All of what is going on in the world[chaos] has ben foretold by Christ Jesus: especially so concerning the Middle East. Most claiming to be Christians[as predicted] are spreading the deception, and practice the "traditions of men".  One can stir up hate by simply telling the truth about what is going on, and why.
  Rom.9:4? Rom.9:5? Abraham is the father of many nations; but the "Promise" came through Sarah. This is the beginning of the "key of David" that can Not be changed. Those that speak out the truth, are hated by the "children of the flesh"[Rom.9:8].

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  1. We should make note of the hate: where it is coming from, and aimed at. Truth in love, should always out rank loving a lie. We are not to follow the Blind leaders of the Blind. They worship Not the God of our Fathers, or Christ Jesus. Concerning the Tares of the field; "leave them alone".