Monday, August 4, 2014


  Ignorant = not to know; not to understand. Christ always taught to be understood, by those that He intended to grasp onto the knowledge. Later He stated that "I have told you all things". The absence of Godly knowledge, is Ignorance.
  Apostle Paul employs the word Ignorance many times: mainly in the context that he doesn't want us to be Ignorant. We are to discern the times, and the weather. Our Enemy, and his Children desire that we believe that he and Children, can control the weather-and would have us worshipping them because of it.
  Our Lord controls the weather. His disciples witnessed Him speak, and quieted a stormy sea. The wicked Ones do not control time either: our Lord controls the appointment Book. As followers, greater works should we be doing.
  Our Lord has employed Ravens to feed His own. Temple tax - get it from the fish mouth. Double, or excessive taxes is bondage. We are to employ wisdom and meekness, especially during these times. Our Comforter is here-right now.
  The Lord knows how to care for His own. His Spirit, on the earth right now, is the Ultimate Navigator. Focus on GOD: trust Him. Otherwise, is to be "Ignorant".

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