Thursday, August 21, 2014


  Depressions are man-made, to transfer great wealth from the uninformed - to the informed. The true numbers on the economic status, shows that America, and the globe is in a depression: and have been for several years. Mankind that puts its trust/faith in other people, is under a curse[Jer.17:5].
  Only a delusional person would listen and believe what the Radicals[Blind leaders] are saying. I recently did a "search" online for the definition of "Inflation" and was sadly disappointed at the deception. The Money-Changers do not want people looking at them!
  Inflation = is an increase in the supply of currency, from the  Fractional-Banking-System. This System creates credits, and debts, from thin air. Higher prices is a symptom, and it is intended with the purpose of causing people to unknowingly finance the Global Agenda-today.
  What does Inflation look like? $17,600,000,000,000! China-West[big box stores], full of products from the East, because of the bad debt[T-bills] that flowed from West to East. Higher prices-smaller products. Higher unemployment, because jobs also flowed East. The privately owned dollar, is worth-less, and less = it buys less.
  The "rejection" of our Lord Christ Jesus is and has been the objection from the beginning of time. The consequences are spelled out in 1Sam.8:5-19. The trick is "rejection" which leads to acceptance of the king of Chaos. Inflation is stealing from the people: and it is Idolatry!


  1. Fake currency is a part of Inflation; and combined - is anti-people. "Come out from among her"[Babylon]. The great wealth transfer is already under way. Man-made-investments are losing value on a daily basis. Currency is never lost: it is simply transferred [Dr. L.B.]. People are realizing that it is us, who is financing "a beast"[Rev.13].

  2. "Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the hidden confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of the insidious process": Alan Greenspan,1966.
    Ink on paper is Not money. Deficits, and inflation are man-made. It is simply transferring generational wealth, from the uninformed - to the Serpent's seed.