Monday, August 18, 2014

Offensive; but!

  Gov. Mike Huckabee featured a segment on 8/17/14, in response to C. C. statements of hate: it was titled "Colin Cowherd should shut his pie hold". Not so fast. M.H. does an excellent job of exposing 1/2 of the problem - we need the wicked to keep talking, because they are speaking from their hearts.
  Cowherd's bio list him as being an Agnostic: this is not a problem. This is however a set-up that speaks volumes. To Not worship Christ Jesus is their objective for their audience. The other 1/2 of their game is to play the role of the Pharisees, Scribes, and Layers. Essentially they, through deception, have made themselves into little-gods.
  We are living in the "generation of the fig-tree". For them, deception is the key. The fig-trees can not come right out and declare who's they are, and their objective: they are leading people into Idol-Worship, and awaiting their father, king, and god;on the - 6th.TRUMP.
  "You shall have no other god's before Me", is very clear. Woe unto the sports, tabloid journalism, and fanatics who follow these Fake-leaders. The above fall into the category of Religion, and We the People should look out for their pulpits.  
  These Blind-leaders would be offensive, but these are "signs", of the times.


  1. Matt.8:7 Woe unto the world... Offense = the movable stick or trigger of a trap.
    Matt.23:13 But woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees - hypocrites!
    The Global Agenda is not only Anti-Christ, but anti-people.
    Matt.23:15 - their objective.

  2. Matt.23:23 Exposes the Fakes: they have "omitted the law[given by Moses], Judgment, Mercy, and Faith"; "these you ought to have done".