Thursday, August 28, 2014


  In Matt.24:3, Christ disciples in private, ask three questions. From vs. 3 - 7 Christ describes serious situations on the earth that started 2,014 yrs. ago. Christ in Matt.24:8 calls this a period of "Sorrows". The Followers of Christ are to know what is happening, and why; "we are not to be troubled".
  Sorrows = birth pangs. Aka labor pains. A woman's body goes through a lot from the moment of conception, until delivery of a baby. Labor pains increase in intensity, as time until delivery decreases.
  The world is on fire with civil wars-check. Deception all around-check. A shortage of the Word[famine]-check. Earthquakes in diverse[different] places-check. The earthquakes are happening, and increasing; in spite of what the weather-worshippers would have the simple-minded believe.
  As long as mankind continues to put faith/trust in Fake-leaders, they and the situation will continue to get worse. The system of government is the answer, is at war with Christ is the Answer. The "rejection of our Lord" is too expensive: and time is not on our side.
  It is not safe to employ earthquakes as an alarm clock. Hopefully during these times someone will awaken from their stupor. Delusion abounds. Cities and Nations built on sand, are coming apart, grain, by grain. It is so much easier to accept, and Follow Christ Jesus in the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth-today.


  1. We are witnessing the rise in world religions today. Religions are Not of Christ Jesus - none of them! Religions are one of the tools in Satan's tool box.
    Christ-Followers are not in a religion.
    Religion, from Greek = to return to bondage.

  2. Why no reporting on the increase in Earthquakes? Because it lines up with the prophecy of Christ. It can Not be connected by Nature-worshippers[Rom.1:25] to global-warming. Global warming only affect Nations that can pay the tax.