Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Answers!

  The Words of our Lord are very simple. Searching for answers is not difficult because it is all laid out in a nice letter, aka the King James.
However some are living in ignorance for their own protection; and some are ignorant because they choose to be rebellious.
  Christ Disciples ask Him three [3] questions in Matt.24:3 - when, what, and of the end of the world[age]??? The questions must be followed, and answered individually. This is what Blind leaders are unable to do; and their Followers refuse to do. God has employed the simple-to confound the wise.
  The world[chaos] is not interested in the Truth: it's roots go backwards to murder, lies, and deception. Sadly, many Fake-Christians are active in the world of confusion-their "love has waxed cold".
  Every day in God's[YHVH] Word, is a good day. The Enemies job is to lie, deceive, and distract us fro the True Word: don't allow it. "Hand to plow - do not look back". We are the watch-men, and women, stay vigilant.
  A great man once said: Have a question, your answer is in the Word. Open it, your answer is to the left, or right. It is not given to the world to understand. Their flesh is connected to the world. Not so for Followers, that understand Kingdom business. Our Spiritual Umbilical Cord must remain intact.


  1. It is sad at this stage of the game, church folk do Not know what happens on the 6th. Trump, and the 7th. Trump. Many lack understanding or can not count. We are planted here, this is home-until reassigned. The Tares await the arrival of their father-on the 6th. Trump. Follow the One who has the Book of Life-and insure your name, is inside.

  2. For those keeping score: we are at the end of the 5th. Trump. Ref. Dan.2, and Rev.13 for personal, and family edification.