Monday, August 25, 2014

The Band ....

  As an unsinkable ship sank, the orchestra continued to play. The Temptations had a hit in 1970 called "Ball of confusion" and the chorus line - "and the band played on". What is the significant of the music? The music represents a roll, that is also being filled by Tabloid idiot boxes[gadgets] and talking heads that are employed by our Enemy.
  "Eat drink and be merry" is the mindset of Unbelievers. Judgment is either good, or bad: the wise should discern between the two, and the times. Matt.24:37,38 mentions a time that is well underway.
Prov.16:18 Pride goes before destruction... People have accepted fools-gold, and fools-paradise, aka $-paper and the [your Country]-dream.
  And a haughty spirit before a fall. Haughty = Condescending; Superior behavior. Arrogant way. Self righteous. Exaltation. These spirits are from the "powers of Darkness". Nations around the globe are ticked because we are classified as ignorant, hypocrites.
  We have built sand-houses and pretend that #1 of the Ten Commandments applies to everyone else-except us. Bad Judgment is all around us: Fake-Christians, and Fake-Leaders can not discern what is taking place.
  Oh yes, The Band! The Band's job is to create diversions.

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