Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fire to the bosom !

  Prov.6:27 ask the rhetorical question: "Can mankind take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned"? This a physical situation, without gender. But it also allows those with Spiritual-headlights on to see this in the Spirit.
  People are continuously committing adultery with the world-and its king. The worldly-Santa-System has seduced many. The many believe that this kingdom has, and is the answer. This answer has become an Idol; in their lives.
  The complaints are mounting: people actually were duped into believing that stuff is free. The Santa-System is far too expensive. Deficit-spending[17,600,000,000,000$] is wealth transfer. This inflated $ is inflation - hidden in plain sight.
  Inflation causes the currency to shrink. Prices go up. and the product becomes smaller. That includes Medical care, and investments. Satan and his Seed, has taught us that their words, usually mean - just the opposite. Prov.6:6-11 we are admonished to use the Ant as an example.
  Our Lord is a consuming fire. We are tested with fire[1Peter1:7]. Fire purifies[1Cor.3:13-15]. Many are flunking the test of Life: today they can Repent, and come into the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth-today. Their are consequences to disobedience. "Fire to the bosom"? It does burn! The average person knows it now.


  1. Dealings in Darkness, are often times, Anti-people. Thank You LORD for the Sun-shine.

  2. Our elderly are being hit first, and the hardest. Complaining to man, about man, is a waste.

  3. Fire burns: except when Christ Jesus is holding your hand!