Monday, September 29, 2014

"Golden Calf"

  The word Golden Calf, is not in the King James: it is "Molten Calf" which was made from gold from Egypt. The House of Israel went from slaves to wealth - overnight. The people and God didn't share the same purpose, for the gold. Many then, and now are faithless, followers.
  A Molten Calf represented an Idol;  ["search shows a cult image. Around the Near-East, the bull was widely worshipped"]. Our History Book shows many examples of people willing to follow, or worship all sorts of Idols.
  Idol worship is for losers; it is crazy, and dangerous. Our Lord was going to destroy the House of Israel: Moses intervene and destroyed those miss-educated by the slave system, that believed Idolatry was the correct way. Idol worship, always cost. "The House" has been scattered around the globe-especially into the West.
  A view of the West shows the words of the people, "make us gods to go before us." God given wealth is being employed to make Idols. We were to establish ourselves[Is.54:14] in righteousness: Our Lord is the One Who keeps us from oppression, fear, and terror/terrorist.
  The targets chosen by the terrorist for September 11, 2001 caught many by surprise. The Locust Army is not done, but just getting warmed up. The wicked people could not hide behind the Molten Calf for protection.


  1. Many innocent ones died in the September 11, 2001 attacks - period. No excuses for murderers. There are others crying out as aborted babies; their voices are drowned out by politicians, tabloid-media, and the roar of sports fans. But they can not drown out the sadness, pain, or consequences because of lawlessness.

  2. "My children keep yourselves from idols". Apostle John knew that idolatry, left the mind, and our backsides - uncovered.

  3. And the next targets? Idols represent a cult image.