Tuesday, September 16, 2014


  Hornets are very mean-when disturbed. They are employed as a good example of something that God created, with a purpose, and best to be left alone. Intentional, or by accident, consequences quickly come for those or things that violate Hornets business.
  Image a very large Hornet's nest: the occupants are very ticked off. Invoke nationality, ethnicity, or religion, then violently insert a hand. The results are predictable. What about taking sides in the Hornets domestic disputes? Or attempting to convince some of the Hornets that they should help, in fighting against some of the other Hornets?
  Hornets have never written the U.S.C. concerning "Common Defense", but are ready and willing to inflict the maximum amount of pain, on anything that threatens their home. Not many things in life, hits as hard and fast, as a Hornet.
  Hornets never brag about their speed, or offer to let others see their stingers: however, most hit by a Hornet, never forget it. There are a group of people that carry themselves just as Hornets do: they should be respected and left - alone. Friends? Not interested!
  Many claim father Abraham in their bloodline. Some are flat-out lies[John8;39]. Abraham, Sarah, and the handmaiden produced Ishmael: ignorance of his history has proven to be deadly. Many in the West do not have a clue Whom their enemy is - or how or what the Standard against the enemy is.


  1. A clue! East is the wrong direction for a physical attack from our enemy. The Fake-Christ will use the East to convince those that have been miss-taught that He is legit: this is not appealing to those that can count from 1, to 7. True Christ returns on the 7th. trump. Some thing in life, are best to leave - alone.

  2. Just this past week, Russian bombers are flying just off the Alaska's boarder. These are the descendants of Esau; who was hated for giving up his heritage. The Atheist will attack... Sanctions will also backfire, because Russia knows the house-of-cards; very well. Can the crash the global economy? Yes they can. The East is a diversion!