Friday, September 12, 2014

"Know the Truth"

  There is deliverance in the Truth: but bondage for those that do not know the Truth. And bondage, if a select[elite] few know-but refuse to share the info. Once upon a time, authorities would state that "ignorance, is no excuse". The plantation is required to keep its occupants ignorant. There is freedom, and protection in the Law, given to Moses.
  The Truth is Christ Jesus: Christ Jesus, The Tree of Life, Jehovah, YHVH is the One Who gave the Law to Moses - often referred to as the Mosaic-Law. A part of the Priest and leaders responsibilities, was to teach the people the Law. No one could pea ignorant!
  Christ exposed the Fake-leaders 2000 years ago. They practice the "Traditions of Men" aka "Common Law". Mankind established what is truth; it is usually anti-people. The Law was changed when Fakes entered the Priesthood during Ezra/Nehemiah time.
  What does a miss-educated society look like? Just look around. Especially at crime and punishment. Take a close look at the prison system; bondage for life - in or out. Too many laws and regulations to keep up with: the people can not know the rules, and live with a large ? over their heads. They are always in violation, of something.
  Common-Law is not of our Lord: the goal post constantly moves. Serfs are required to be in the dark concerning the Truth. Following Christ closely, requires freedom, beginning inside the mind. Light and darkness can not inhabit the same spot. No man-made-law will ever be fair, or Righteous.


  1. There is a saying [golden rule] that "he who owns the gold, makes the rules". Very much untrue, for the followers of Christ. There is never conflict in our obedience to the Truth, vs. made-up-mess. We are admonished by Christ, to be wiser than the Serpent, with meekness. Our Lord's yoke is easy.

  2. Social-Justice is a request by serfs for favor from the bond-holders. They are appealing to the very one's who put the yoke on them.

  3. Thirty-four years ago, the average Ga. inmates education level, was 3.2.. That is 3.2 grade level. The system conspires to keep people ignorant, and in bondage!