Friday, September 5, 2014


  The world is being shaken - just as God said. Reminder to the Saints; "see that you are not troubled". The Locust Army is on the march. Their assignment is to destroy. Joel 1:4, and symbols in Joel 2:2, through 2:11. It is important to note that our Lord is in control!
  Not that the Locust Army needs any assistance; they get plenty of help from Cain's Kids, and the many deceived people-hiding behind Religion. Matt.24:10 "many offended". These are led by "blind leaders" that cause iniquity[lawlessness] to exist. The offended = stumble: as quoted by Is.8:1
  "And betray one another, and shall hate one another". These are Religious folks. The Truth about the Middle East can Not be spoken, because [Matt.24:5] the fakes are lying in wait, to attack. The time is now, that people would rather hear a lie, than the love of the Truth. The Truth is now classed as hate-speech.
  The ascension  of "false prophets" have increased in numbers over the past 100 yrs.. Since John the Baptist[witness], all claiming to be a prophet have been "false". Today they look at current events, and become a modern day Chicken Little.
  The rejection of our Lord, has caused the release of the Locust among us. The wicked leaders are a direct response to our hard-headedness. That is why they should Not be touched[murdered]. Paint a mental picture of a giant Locust: then make his head the leader of your Nation. Joel 2:25 Explains who - this army belongs too!


  1. The Locust Army are a part of a System. Our Lord always protect His own. No one gets a pass. The Three Hebrew[descendants of Sarah] young men, and Daniel, are examples of Christ Jesus protection. Moses dealings with the king in Egypt, is an example of how the Lord protected their belonging[stuff].

  2. Followers of Christ, can say No! Slaves cannot. Grace and Time are winding down: join the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, right now. Repent, and ask Christ Jesus into our lives and submit to His authority. Christ Jesus is the only ANSWER!

  3. Locust is a symbol for a consumer, or destroyer. To consume = to seize, dispossess, disinherit, occupy.