Sunday, September 7, 2014

"Owe no man anything..."

  Owe no man anything, but to love one another: is a part of Rom.13:8. It came to mind after reading an article on MSM, 9/3/14. The Federal Reserves[private corporation] says that Americans are hoarding cash. "The low level of money movement in the U.S. is a sign that people are unwilling to spend"-St. Louis Federal Reserves.
  The System was flooded and it is being sat upon: 2.8 T. by the banks; and 2.15 by households. Savings have increased by approx. 50% over the past five[5] yrs.. The decrease in cash demand has slowed down the velocity of cash. Just like a shark, certain things must keep moving.
  "Hording" is a very interesting word. This is the word of choice in 1933, that was employed by the Dictator, F.D.R., before issuing Executive Orders to confiscate gold from private citizen. People are awakening from their stupor and realizing that paper - is anti-people.
  Debt is not good. Our Lord has much to say on the mater. Rom.13:7-9 is serious advice. Our Enemy doesn't like us reading the Word, or history books: just as with slavery! Truth = freedom. Deception = bondage. The disconnect? F.R. indicators point people away from $17,7 T, which is inflation-created via thin air.
  For he that love one another, hath fulfilled the Law! Which Law? The Second Great Commandment: Love thy Neighbor has thyself. The Enemy employs debt to create Idolatry, and to also violate the Law of love.


  1. People should be appreciated for saving a dime from each dollar, vs. spending a $1.10. The bondage is in the mind: free the mind and the ... will follow. Debt has always been connected to bondage. Freedom is connected to "free market" and sound currency. The debt-system will crash-and savers will be blamed-again.

  2. An Idol is anything that comes between us - and worshipping our Lord, in Spirit, and in Truth. Cain and his Children, the Tares, seek to control, or destroy: especially so when it comes to worship. Ink on paper is Not money: it is an I.O.U. aka debt. Rebuke the spirit of delusion and come out of Babylon[confusion].