Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Two Nations"

  Our Enemy does not desire that we know history; He then can change it, ever so slightly, to put Himself, or His children in there. A classic example is Matt. 13; the Wheat and the Tares. Cain also demonstrates the rebellious nature of His father, and the m. o. of control, or destroy.
  The #1 History Book explains the Two Nations involved during this generation, descended from Abraham and Sarah. These two birthed only one child together - Isaac! The Promised One came through Isaac. Isaac and his wife Rebekah birthed twins. Gen.25:19-34 covers the struggle that went on inside Rebekah's womb; and she was carrying Two Nations: one stronger, and the older, would serve the younger.
  The descendants of Esau are mainly - U.S.S.R.. descendants of Jacob are mainly U.S.S.A.. Minor homework is required from this point because the Word, and history, speaks loud and clear; on its own.
  It is clear that of these twins, which is older, stronger, and which will serve the other. The "strife" between the Two begin manifestation in the physical, in their mother's womb, but actually goes back to the first-age.
  The "strife" between these Two will escalate into the "deadly wound", that can Not be repaired by mankind: the one-world-political-system will require the Fake-Christ to mend. The Word is true and the prophecy is underway.


  1. Christ spoke of the "Key of David" and "unlocking doors, that no man could lock." This door is inside the mind. It is the ability to understand the truth. The line of Christ Jesus is locked into place; it can Not be changed.

  2. Any that desire to call the Word a lie, a racist, or anti-anything, go ahead: it doesn't change the truth. The history is important because people are looking in the wrong direction, and not paying attention to the season.