Saturday, September 20, 2014


  It was reported this past week, that the U.S. Department of Defense employs 10,000 lawyers. Attempts to verify was unsuccessful, because the web-page was blocked. The search however revealed a small bit of information that has been unknown to most of "We the People."
  Democracy nor Politics is in the U.S.C.; "Common Defense is." To declare war, and finance war is the responsibility of the Legislative Branch. Over the past 153 yrs. the System has changed, and the responsibility of the Legislative Branch, has been given over to the Executive Branch: God allowed it.
  Centralized government is a result of the "rejection of our Lord" [1Sam.8:5-19]. The System immediately becomes anti-people; and many become employed by the king. Double-taxes is a clue of bad Judgment.
  A search revealed that the largest employer in the world - is the U.S. Department of Defense. Take one guess as to what Branch that they now fall under? The Executive Branch! With military bases in 150 plus countries - and spreading democracies around the world.
  In this season, it is easier for people to believe a lie vs. the truth. If one goes against the "flood of lies" they are in jeopardy of being label a traitor, Un-American, or a terrorist. The system[plug n' play] is designed to operate, even with well intended new people being elected. Socialism, has never worked and is winding down in America.


  1. Through history, our Lord has always taken care of His own. Our Lord is in charge. He allows certain things. The wicked, and the world [chaos] should be afraid. The "Locust Army" is on the move.

  2. Are we there yet? Been there since 1861. The confirmation was in 1913 when monopoly currency was allowed-taking out the slack on the last bit of freedom. Free people utilize free-market-money; all else is I o u aka debt.