Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ebola - the lie!

  Ebola has been going on in Africa, for years. Why now all of a sudden it is an emergency? Usually it involves money, drugs or the expansion of an empire. In an emergency, new/experimental drugs hit the market quickly, and with a premium price. Anyone not sure of the capacity of the agencies involved; should read the Tuskegee Experiment-twice.
  "Ebola is a scam! It has been proven a fraud. 75% of allege patients have recovered: without a known cure". In part One of the Bible, if someone became ill, or touched an unclean object, they were to go to the edge of camp, for a prescribed amount of time: this isolation or quarantine worked, and stopped the spread of dis-ease. They also fasted and cleansed their insides of parasites and worms.
  Under Mosaic Law and the Health Laws in Leviticus it was normal to be health, and live a long time. The profits were from earnings, over a long life. This made one an asset to his/her family, and community. The individual was responsible; not the drug company, or government.
  "The first epicenter for Ebola, was Guinea: then the U.N. switched it to sierra Leone's Northern district of Kailahun". When the dis-ease was isolated, there were no mutations: mutations are usually, man-made.
  Ebola has been going on in Africa for years. One eyebrow should raise as a result of three international organizations now involved. The other brow should be raised by the fact that Soldiers are being sent to West Africa to assist.
Must reads:  Anticorruption Society - Seven Step Ebola response. Final nails in the Ebola Scam Coffin. Selling the Pandemic threat. Here comes Ebola-Gate. Ebola depletes vitamin C, causing hemorrhaging. 


  1. The " " are from the Anticorruption Society. There is no need to look for new evidence: weigh what is already there. Federal Agencies come under the Executive Branch; which is anti-people. They have many reasons to lie. Ebola is a Diversion!.

  2. We are to "establish" ourselves on Righteousness, and our Lord keeps fear, oppression, and terror away from us. During the "generation of the fig tree" [right now] we are to gear-up daily with the whole armor of Christ, to stand. Stay focused my friends!