Friday, October 3, 2014

Left Behind !

  People should be very careful of what they watch, listen to, and read: especially so when the info is Not in the Word. The thought of being left out, or behind is not knew-its roots go backwards to Satan, in the Garden. It is Not a part of the doctrine of following Christ Jesus.
  People only need to read the Word: not the copy-written word, or fiction books. Usually when darkness is discovered, more darkness, or deeper darkness follows. The followers of the Left Behind message have stopped following Christ Jesus - and progressed ahead of Him.
  Matt.24:4 "Take heed lest no man deceive you." [Matt.24:5] "Many will come in My name" identifying themselves as Christian. Christ states that His sheep, recognizes His voice, and will not respond to another. These followers should double-check the voices.
  Followers of Christ Jesus know that there are 7 trumps, with the Fake-Christ appearing first, and on the 6 trump. They also know that there are two [ 2 ] tribulation periods. Why would Satan teach the whole truth? When the untaught hear the message of the Fake-Christ, they will mount up - and worship him.
  Christ does an excellent job in explaining the first tribulation, and how the Saints would be tested with trouble. The second tribulation is called the "great tribulation" which is trouble to the un-believers. Christ Words: "But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved." This is one test, that will not be skipped.


  1. The many of Matt.24:5 are actually anti-Christ-agents. They are all around us; they are not spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth-right now. They are spreading religion. Religion is a tool, in Satan's toolbox.

  2. Going back to Deut. 4:30,31 our Lord said tribulation now and the latter days, that we are to turn to Him-the Lord, our God, and shalt be obedient unto His voice; He will not forsake us. During these times, we are not to be troubled. Our trouble-is in trouble.

  3. Left Behind? Then who will be the Watchmen on the wall? Who will wear the whole armour of Christ Jesus in Ephes. 6? Who will take a stand for Christ Jesus, against the Enemy?

  4. The religious ones will gather to Satan and the supernatural Fake-prophets on the 6th. trump. He will appeal to all of the religions of the world. Rev.13:3 and all the world wondered after the beast: this will be the event, that sounds like capture. When they realize what they have done, they will whale, and cry out for the rocks to fall on top of them.