Tuesday, October 21, 2014


  During these times of ever increasing chaos, we must remind ourselves that there prophecy and purpose involved. The Word has prepped us for this season. What is on trail? Our Faith is. As Watchmen and Women we must stay focused.
  James 1:2 Enduring temptation: trial = test. James 1:13 Where does temptation comes from. James 1:14,15 Results of unchecked temptation. This could very well end in physical death, but surly in separation of us from our Lord: remember Adam and Eve.
  1Peter 1:7 "The trail of our Faith being much more precious than gold". The only one interested in by-passing the Christian-process, are Progressive-Christians. "If any lack Wisdom, let him ask the Lord". Many lack, and make up their own-or practice the "Traditions of men, which makes void, the Word of the Lord".
  As in the days of Noah... It is ridiculous to believe that trouble, test, and chaos is not existing. Mark 13:12 involves our youth, which is keeping funeral homes busy. The iniquity of parents is visiting down the line for those who Hate the Lord[Ex.20:11].
  It is the "Tradition of men" to treat our children as a gift: Christ Jesus made the correction. A "child that curses father or mother let them die the death. The point? People are being tested and are not passing because they have ignored the Study-Sheet. Our Faith should be on the Rock, and follow Him. The Holy Spirit is standing by with Righteous assistance - right now.


  1. Gal.3:1 You foolish____. Who has bewitched you? Obey the Truth - Christ crucified: satisfied the law of Death, from the Garden. We receive the Holy Spirit, by the hearing of Faith. The blank space is there for those that have been deceived by miss-teaching; especially so from Non-Christians.

  2. Running from trouble? Stop! 2Thes.1:6 Seeing it as a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you[us]: and to those troubled, rest with us.

  3. Ephes.6:16 The Shield of Faith. This earth age is all about Faith: No one can serve Two.