Monday, October 13, 2014

The world, in Two.

  It is becoming increasingly clear, that the world is divided into Two. Those that are a part of the world of chaos can not help: they can add fuel to the fire. Most worldly leaders are standing ankle-deep in chicken manure and attempting to convince others, that all is OK; everything is under control.
  The Two are divided between The Kingdom of Heaven, on earth: and the world that belongs to Satan. Or Lord has allowed Satan to control, or have authority over the world: This world of Matt.4:8 is the ungodly multitude, of those alienated from God[Strong's].
  Jn.1:10 He [Immanuel] was in the world and the world was made by Him, and the world - knew Him not. Matt.16:26 "Gain the world - lose thy soul." Where is the profit, or gain in that? What is more valuable than Salvation? No-thing. Ill-gotten-gain will not cross the Salvation line.
  The world of chaos, can not be saved. It and Leaders are in serious trouble. We are not love the world[1Jn.2:15]. The real Lord's prayer in Jn.17 Christ prayed that His followers "were not of the world, but in it"- this is Two worlds in one sentence. They were, and we are physically and literally on the fertile and what was created to be inhabited earth.
  Christ made it clear that He was and is praying for His people; not for the world[Jn.17:9]. Those who claim to follow Christ are proven to have progressed around Christ - the True Vine. Just look at their worldly values; in and out of the church. 95% of their speech is about the world. Just look, or smell at where they are standing!


  1. Christ Jesus entire ministry was about establishing the Kingdom of Heaven-on earth. One is either in the Kingdom, or not. Religion can not come into the Kingdom. The basic, baby-food of following Christ is faith; in HIM. Another one is obedience. "God is seeking those to worship, is Spirit, and in Truth". Idolatry is of the world, and can Not cross over the Cross!

  2. Over the past 40 + years, when thinking about the world, the musical group WAR comes to mind and their single "The world is a ghetto". And indeed it has been to be so.

  3. Marvin Gaye's question is just as relevant today: "What is going on?"
    The world appears to be on fire-because it is. The Lord has allowed it. Some will be Saved after realizing that man can't Save, protect, or make peace. Our Lord can protect His own!