Friday, October 10, 2014

Worst than Ebola?

  Ebola and many other dis-eases are deadly, or awful on human life. Ebola virus is bad. What can be worse than it? Covering disease with profit. Once upon a time, the Levite Priest healed people. Christ Jesus was of that Line and restored the correct Priest-hood through the resurrection of Lazarus. Worse than Ebola; allowing people to remain ill, or die needlessly.
  Lazarus was physically dead and raised by Christ to make several points. Afterwards, the Children of Cain/Tares plotted to murder him. Because Judas knew the truth concerning Christ Jesus, they murdered him to keep him quiet.
  The end of Revelation mentions the word Sorcery-and the punishment for those who practice it. This word means pharmacy or drugs. Drugs in the West is serious, and big business. Habitual sinners are not getting away with anything.
  According to the man-made-rules, people are not to practice healing. The drugs are to assist in "controlling" the problem. One has to be trained by the System to diagnose and treat; usually the treatment, is for life, or money runs out.
  Christ earthly ministry begin with Him reading from Is.61. Our Enemy then and now is the same. They knew full well what Christ was saying; and attempted, and plotted to destroy Him from that point. The Enemy can Not heal, and is all about bondage vs. liberty. What is worse than Ebola? Not knowing that healing is available - in spite of the flood.


  1. Christ ask a question; " would you be made whole? " Some have been miss-educated, or just don't know if they can be healed. These are the cards, and I own this disease, is speaking death to the circumstance. God[YHVH] has always been in the healing business. Follow His lead, and go beyond healed into being made whole. Only Christ can do. No Fakes allowed.

  2. I personally was made whole from diabetes this year. The amazement is how M.D.s and people respond to the positive results and evidence before them; they can not explain away. People appear to tolerate the disease better than the healing-even from church-folks.

  3. We are to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, today. Those in the Kingdom are to trouble - trouble. We are the Light, and the Salt of the earth. Being healthy is our heritage.