Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Faith - 2014 !

  During this earth age, we are to live by faith[Hab.2:4]. Our faith-walk ends the moment that Christ Jesus returns on the seventh trump. During the 1,000 yr. reign of Christ; when people can see Him, and see Satan bound in the pit, faith will not be a part of this Kingdom.
  Faith is first employed in Deut. 32:20 "I will hide My face from them, I will see what their end shall be: for they are a very froward [perverse] generation, children in whom is no faith". Whew! This was stated thousands of years ago - and here we are.
  Faith = faithfulness, trusting. Our faith should be in the Author and Finisher of our faith [Heb.12:2].
Faith and fear are diametrically opposed. We are all born with child-like, "muster seed" faith-which is small, but once developed is quite large. Rom.1:7 mentions from faith to faith; which is our Life-line.
  James 2:14-18 the evidence of faith is manifested in works. Vs.2:20 Faith without works, is dead. Heb. 11 is the definition that is all meat. "Now [2/5/14] faith". This is made up of hope, and the evidence is unseen. This throws the perverse generation a curve ball: their flesh will not allow them to give up control to hope and no physical evidence.
  Heb.11 covers what we know as the serious faith-walkers in the Word. But it is not over, and there is room for our names. Remember - this is an endurance race.

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