Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Poor.

  The poor are mention throughout the Word - with two different meanings. Ether one, we are to take care of the poor. Those that are economically challenged are peoples responsibility; not Santa's. Christ Jesus stated that "the poor we would always have among us" leads one to believe that there is a test ongoing - and the poor are not the ones being tested.
  The poor are mention in Deut.20:25 concerning money, and usury. Ex.20:25 a poor man and his cause, and not showing partiality. Lev.19:15 righteous judgment. Deut.15:11 the poor among us, always. Prov.14:31 oppressing the poor; etc.
  Pity upon the poor is a loan that the Lord promises to repay: that is the great investment. God mentions harvesting a field, and leaving the corners for the poor. The other poor is just as widespread-maybe even more so than the lack of economics: the spiritual bankrupt.
  Immanuel's objective - Luke 4:18. Mission accomplished - Luke 7:22. Everything that Christ Jesus taught was Kingdom business[Matt.5:17] on earth. "Blessed are the poor in spirit" is here in time. This poor = lowly, afflicted, destitute; not in the afterlife.
  Kingdom = a royal power: The territory subject to the rule of a king. Blessed are the poor in spirit, because they are primed and ready to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth.


  1. For those that are spiritually poor, this can be turned around in an instance - only through Christ Jesus. Centralized governments are Not interested in saving anyone. Their life-lines are a bondage trap.

  2. Stephen, a server of the poor, was extremely powerful. At his murder, his testimony was so great that Christ Jesus stood to His feet. Christ taught the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven is - "Chief Servant". Ministry, should minister! This can Not be delegated to the beast-system.

  3. " What are you gazing at " ??? The Acts 1:9-11.
    It is time to be obedient - and get to work. Submitting to the beast has never, and will never work for Christians. This is good practice now, for the five [ 05 ] months that The Beast is here on earth incarnate. He will attempt to shut down, and shut off True Followers.