Sunday, November 2, 2014

The sideshow !

  It seems like yesterday when "Let the sideshow begin" by Blue Magic was popular[1974]. The chorus line comes to mind when mentally prepping for Rev.13 - The Beast! For five [5] months, Satan will be allowed to test people, and pretend that he is Christ.
  Lets look at some of the tricks in his bag. He desires worship. He is a murderer. He is a deceiver.
The Pharaoh in Egypt had magicians that attempted to intimidate Moses: become familiar with the stunts. The king of Babylon during Daniel's time also had a limited bag to pull from to keep the entertainment going.
  Christ Jesus during His temptation was encouraged to demonstrate before Satan. During His 3 1/2 yr. ministry, people were requesting miracles be preformed, or show signs, to convince Non-Believers.
  Followers know that "without faith, it is impossible to please God". Our faith-walk will not be aborted; period. If we are in our flesh bodies, our Lord and Savior has not returned.
The fake-leaders today, have assembled "a beast" that will receive a deadly wound, that will require the appearance of a peaceful and prosperous - Supernatural individual that is to convince the whole world, that he is the answer.
  Let the sideshow begin. This period will be un-entertaining for the Saints. The bad news is churches and leaders will fall for the scheme. The good news is that we will be five [5] months out from the True Christ return. Glory Hallelujah!!!

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