Wednesday, November 12, 2014


  Also known as Dung-beetles; natures sanitation workers. These little guys are born with purpose. They are designed, with poop in mind: born in it, and this is their first meal in life. They live and die with poop.
  Dung = manure; the excrement of animals. For many years, even today, dung is used as a substitute for firewood. "To be cast out as dung" is an expression: meaning to be rejected! The Dung-beetle is quite at home in this environment-and without much competition.
  Prov. admonishes us to "look to the ant". We should also look to this Beetle as an example, and what we should be aware of. Nature can be a brilliant teacher, or a cruel punisher of those that refuse to wake up.
  Dan. and other Scriptures mentions the Four kings/kingdoms, during these times. They are political, economics, education, and religion. These two-legged-dung-beetles were also born with purpose, and stay in their specific environment. Don't look for the "D", or "R". Always, look at the fruit!
  When bodies are unburied, they become manure for the earth[Psalms83:10, Jer.8:2]. That will be the end for the wicked who practice iniquity. As for us, we should believe [Phil.3:8], count the gain of Christ Jesus, and the loss - give it to the Dung-beetle.

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  1. A recent and classic example of good and bad figs is Jonathan Gruber; the face behind state-health-care. An economics professor who like many involved in centralized governments, floats effortlessly between Education, and Politics. Take heed!