Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Understanding 1 Cor. 14:34 - 35.

  If a leader does not understand this Scripture, or applies it an a manner as to employ it as bondage; they are out of touch with the Holy Spirit. Remember Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding is a requirement. The law is good, righteous, and Holy: it is the foundation. The Holy Spirit as promised - leads, guides, reveals, and reminds us[Jn.16:7-14]. Leaders without the Holy Spirit, are powerless.
  "Let your women keep silent in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak, but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also say the law". These women were multi-tasking and not paying attention; they held sub-meetings:  they were a distraction.
  The obedience was established under Moses in which the Priest taught civil and criminal law. Very rare for someone to pea ignorance. "Silent" = to hold one's peace. Everything should be decent, and orderly. "Obedience" = subjection, to submit.
  Discriminators never get around to 1Thes. 4:11 "And that  we study[practice] to be quiet, and to do your own business, and work with your own hands, as we command you". The point - chattering or busybodies were prohibited: no matter male, or female.
  "No to women leaders", or "no women in the pulpit" is on line with "no longer under the law": both are "traditions of men" practiced by out-of-control-leaders. The Holy Spirit has left the building - and so should you.


  1. These were extremely dangerous times in the beginning. Church was held any and every where; especially under a shade tree and inside homes. It was not comfortable, and without microphones. People were arrested, and property seized as a result of these assemblies. There was no time to entertain; as many who practice bondage/religion!

  2. Immanuel, Christ Jesus, the Anointed Savior, Deliverer: He came to set the captives free, and destroy the works of the Devil. Salvation is to who-so-ever-will. "The house of bondage" is a system that is in play, right this moment. Rank or position in the Kingdom of Heaven is determine by "service" which is a verb: not by stepping on others, to elevate one' self.

  3. Fake-leaders have forfeited their peace, and power, by ignorance and ignoring the TRUTH: the manifestation of this fact is out-of-control individuals, homes, and churches. "Silent women"! Many women can demons-smiling at this mane-made-rule. Churches have become modified morgues. No Truth and Grace; deception abounds.