Sunday, November 16, 2014

Women leaders!

  Women are first class citizen in the Word of God[YHVH] and in the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth today. To be "fruitful and multiply" would not be possible without women. My line would stop, if child-birth was required. There are many great leaders, who are women.
  Eve, a great leader that fell, then recovered. Satan was after her because of who she was. She is called the mother of all living, because, through her Christ Jesus would enter time. People are alive in Christ, or not....  She was "formed" and shared the-man-Adam's DNA.
  The same for Sarah, the wife and half-sister of Abraham. Father Abe, the father of many; but Sarah, the mother of one Nation: Issac, Jacob, etc.. These two women had a tremendous amount of influence-and used it.
  Ra-hab of Joshua 2: the business woman that very well who Elohim was. Her quick thinking and actions saved the two Hebrews, as well as the Nation. This woman is also a part of the linage of Christ Jesus. Abigail saved David, and the future kingdom by speaking to the king inside of David, vs. the fool inside of him. Judge Deborah was an awesome leader of Israel[Jud.4:4].
  Mary, Mary were the first Ministers of the Gospel[Matt.28:1-8]. there are many prophetess in the Word beginning with Miriam[Ex.15:2] the sister of Aaron. 2Kings 22:14, 2 Ch.34:22; and another powerful prophetess Luke 2:36.


  1. It saddening that in 2014 people are practicing the "traditions of men" which "voids out the Word of God". It is time to trash copyright-bibles and get serious about the Word: which will not come from a non-believer. Our Lord has employed animals-why wouldn't women be employed. Mother Eve was "formed" to be a help-mate.

  2. Righteous-women-leaders are not a sign of anything.
    Un-righteous-women-leaders are a sign of the times, and it is prophecy: let us not get the two twisted.

  3. Time is precious, and finite: don't waste it attempting to find Scripture to support personal opinions!