Wednesday, December 31, 2014

5 months: 3 1/2 Days!

  This is a time, straight from Revelation, Chapter 11. The "fig-tree-generation" is control of the world[chaos]. How long that will last depends on appointments. The table however has been set for the Beast incarnate. The Beast will have 5 months: and 3 1/2 Days before time runs out on the system-of-iniquity.
  The Word of God never instructed us to celebrate the birth; we were however instructed to "Do this in remembrance of Me". The Blood, Bread, and the Cross of Christ is important for life-especially Eternal Life. It is important to separate Truth, from deception.
  The Ultimate-Deceiver will step foot into a situation that has been prepared for Him-and He knows that the clock is ticking on time. He will convince the whole world[chaos] that He is Christ: "those whose names are Not written in the Lambs Book of Life".
  This Fake will have 5 months. During this time there will be Two Witnesses that continuously speaks against Him-these Two? A great possibility are Elisha and Moses! One representing all of the Prophets, the other, the Law. No one knows the Day, or hour, of Christ Jesus return: this locks in the time frame.
  Rev.11 states that these Two Witnesses will be murdered in the same city that our Lord was Crucified; their bodies will lay in the street for 3 1/2 days for the one-world-system to see. The Spirit of Life fro God enters into them, and they stand to their feet-many people will receive Salvation at that moment - then time stops.


  1. When Satan is kicked out of Heaven, where he has been restrained; we are caution with a "Woe" because Satan is ticked off. He knows that time is short - 5 months, 3 1/2 Days. He must immediately pick up where He thinks Christ Jesus left off. True Followers will not find His "act" appealing in any way. For the world-this will be 5 months of Christmas.

  2. "Behold, I have told you everything" - Christ Jesus.

  3. Don't be ignorant - 1Thes.2:1- 4. Recognize that many Bibles are copyrighted = man-words; usually produced by Non-Believers. The Blind Leaders are "banking" on ignorant consumers.

  4. The purpose of this earth-age is winding down. All beings will have had the choice of Life[Christ Jesus], or Death[Satan].