Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Babylon the Great !

  The definition of Babylon: babel, confusion[by mixing-Strong's]. In Revelation 16:19 the name changes to Babylon the Great. This Babylon is upon us which is "A beast" of Rev.13. This is a one-world-political-system.
  Great = space and dimensions, appearance of things, mass and weight, height and length, number and quantity, abundance, importance *of things which overstep the providence of a created being, proud[presumptuous] things, full of arrogance, derogatory to the Majesty of God-Strong's.
  Babylon the Great is the headquarters for the wicked system: the above definition gives clues as to where this will be located! This is Matt.24:4-5. This  system holds itself out as a Christian-Nation! It is actually the most religious nation on earth - which is not good.
  Previous Babylon[s] were a religious-dictatorships; with religion intertwined with government. Idol worship was the key. Dan.2 shows us a type and model of what is underway.
  Modern Babylon the Great is disguised as a Christian-Nation. The above definition with * explains some big points. Pride is not good, especially when the "untouchable" factors in. The first Tribulation is of Satan: the second one is of our Lord-and He is not happy[Rev.18:21].

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  1. What is the significance? The Word is True. This process was designed to move slow - so slow that it doesn't appear to be moving. One Prophet ask our Creator, how long... The response, "The just shall live by faith". Our Father is in control, period.