Wednesday, December 24, 2014

"Christ Crucified".

  "Preach - Christ - Crucified". This comes from the admonishment of the Apostle Paul, I 1Cor.1:23. The followers of Christ appears to have lost focus, and begin following a different doctrine. Paul stated that their message should be one. To teach or preach this message, is the foundation of real Christianity.
  Within the preaching, one must ask, then answer the five[5] questions: who, what, when, why, and how? One must not allow themselves to point fingers at the wrong group, or ethnicity. Ephes. 6:12 explains the dark-kingdom that is our Enemy. However, Tares are on the earth today, just as they were during Immanuel's time in the flesh, and going back to Cain.
  The Cross of Christ was a piece of the Salvation plan, long before Adam and Eve fell. In rout to the Cross, Immanuel exposed Fake-Religion, led by Hypocrites. Their hearts were exposed, just as they are today. Christ-Followers are not Religious: it is based on being Saved by Grace, through Faith.
  The world's[chaos] religion, is the kings religion. Ex. John19:12-15; be mindful that these were Tares mixed into the numbers. Their m. o. is to control or destroy. Also Caesar is not a person, but a position or title - a System!
  1Cor.1:23-25 But we preach Christ Crucified; which is a "stumbling block" to the Religious and "foolishness" to those proclaiming wisdom. But the foolishness of God, is wiser than mankind; and the weakness of God, is stronger than mankind.
Stay focused, my friends!


  1. The birth of Christ Jesus was a statement, made in front of many witnesses. The point is that all must be born of woman-to legally enter time. The Cross of Christ is our bridge to our Creator: it also serves as the most powerful filter in the world[cosmos]. Our Death sentence was pardoned: Thank You Lord.

  2. Satan created Religion: He can keep it, and the deception of attempting to link His man-made-holidays to Christ Jesus.