Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Counting the cost!

  Christ Jesus in Luke 14:25-33 said to the multitudes, If any comes to Him to follow, and love their family, or themselves - more - than Him, could not be His disciples. Then Christ gave several examples of basic horse sense in reference to considering the cost.
  Our Lord has always been up front with Do, and don't do; Blessings of obedience-curses of disobedience; and in 1Sam.8:5-19 He spelled out the details for the Prophet Samuel to share with the leaders. Never the less, they chose to "reject" the Lord, and accept "their own king".
  Judgment always insure that people get good or bad, what they have coming to them: yet they can not blame anyone else for their positions in life. The first king of Israel, failed! Socialism/Communism/Centralized govt. has always, always failed.
  In the U.S.A. over the past 70 yrs. has changed into the U.S.S.A. - with the price tag of "rejecting" our Lord at 18,000000000000$ of debt. This is covered under Deut.28:15-68. Usury is a no-no, and this is relevant because the 18, and 12 zeros from strangers with a different Faith = this is bondage.
  In accordance with the Word, things in the world[chaos] will continue to get worse. Politics is a part of Centralized govt. and changing pieces can not help. A beast of Rev.13 is alive and has set the table for The Beast - which is the Religious One.
Rejecting our Lord, or putting ones head in the sand comes with serious consequences. We should all, Count the cost.


  1. Rejecting our Lord, automatically turns on the world system to be Savior; which violates the #-1-Rule: You shall have no other gods ....
    The four kings, or kingdoms in order are: Education, Economics, Political, Religion. Education is the key - to Communism. "Count the cost."

  2. All politics is of the world[chaos], which belongs and is controlled by the Powers of Darkness. P.C. Politically Correct, and Politics is for good citizens, of the state. A chicken in every pot, and man-made-peace is fools paradise; and too costly.

  3. "A beast" of Rev.13, doesn't have D. or R. - just Politics. All Politics is one.
    Our prayer:"Thy Kingdom come" is now. I invoke the Lord's pray to keep me and family away from the Evil-One, and traps set for us, will ensnare the setter-those responsible for National debt, let this bondage be on their, and descendant's head. Amen!