Friday, December 5, 2014

" Life ".

  Christ Jesus tells and explain of two houses that were built: one on sand, the other on the Rock. He did not say if the storm; but "when the storm came", and the results speak volumes. Two is significant within the Word = choice.
  John10:10 explains the deal: The thief [Satan and his kids] comes for these three reasons - to steal, kill, and destroy. "I AM [YHVH] come that they [us] might have "life", and have it [life] more abundantly". Abundantly = exceeding, over, and above, more than necessary, super-added, surpassing.
  In Gen.2:27 God breath "life" into the-man-Adam [] because through him, Christ Jesus would legally into time: This line would also point, or be witnesses that Salvation would be through Him, and Him alone.
  This "Life" that Christ offers is spirit, and eternal[Jn.6:63]. He that believes on me has everlasting "Life" - this is Now. Our eternity can begin, right now! Sadly, there is no "Life" on earth/age for Nonbelievers: their vitals are OK, but....
  Matt.7:14 explains the "strait gate". Matt.19:17 is a start for those sitting on ill-gotten-gain. Inter into "Life"? "Keep the Commandments". This is simple enough; except the greed/covetous out of control, religious ones.


  1. Life can not come from man, centralized government, or religion. Be careful of the cow-manure wrapped in patriotic colors; or identifying themselves as religious. "I be a Christian" has open many doors - for Satan's children.

  2. Sand or manure dressed up nicely, is not the Rock. We were promised trouble, and a shaking; look around. Now look closer at just who is adding fuel to the fires?

  3. Current events require a stance. "In my Father's house are many mansions: that's us, on earth, right now. Stop forfeiting peace, following man. The Kingdom of Heaven, on earth-awaits. Life is more than current events: Live!